Hi friend,

First off, you are so welcome here!

In the midst of the chaos of the 2020 worldwide pandemic, we were forced to slow down. Pause, evaluate. At first, we resisted, hating it, and then, we embraced it.

You know what - really good things started happening.

We started having dinner around the table, taking things slower, embracing today, because all we have to today. Tomorrow never comes.

We learned that spending our days well, leads to living our days well, and well- we started paying attention to that (and the dream of tday was born)

Tday is a space, where we celebrate our creativity, where we live intentionally, beautifully, today.

Why NOT drink out of your most beautiful favourite cup, or wear your favourite earrings.

We love coffee, our best conversation have been over coffee, dreams are build over coffee, revolutions where started in coffee houses. (And we believe coffee tastes better in a pretty mug)

So we made some for you - to remind yourself to embrace today, to see the good and beauty in today. To live more intentionally as you chase after the dreams in your heart.

We love creating beauty with our hands, and heart and our products are an outflow of that. They are unique, one of a kind, limited to small amounts, to keep the charm of having something special, never to be repeated.

Welcome here - we are so stoked to be part of your journey, and to have you as part of ours.

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