Think I'm joking?

Both the French and the American Revolution was started in coffee houses.

Coffee was used to fund the Argentinian Olympic team.

"As the Great Depression had struck the country, the delegation of 82 athletes travelled in a ship, the Itaquicê, selling coffee along the way to fund the trip." Thanks Wikipedia

(they loaded bean into the ships and sold it port to port to help them get to the Olympics) coffee can literally support your dreams.

Seems to me there is a reason we crave coffee before we start going about our day.

Study after study shows that coffee can improve memory, decrease fatigue, improve your mental functioning. Giving you that much needed boost to chase after your dreams.

And if your husband is giving you a hard time about your coffee consumption:

Just remind him that:

 Coffee was such an ingrained part of society in Saudi Arabia that failing to supply your wife with coffee was grounds for divorce. (Coffee house revelutions)

Now go and enjoy your morning cuppa.



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